What is coordinated Entry?

Coordinated Entry is an evaluation process used to determine which type of housing intervention best matches the needs of individuals experiencing homelessness, whether that be connecting them to community resources or referring them to different housing programs. This process standardizes access for all clients and coordinates program referrals across all providers in the system.

Can i Complete an asssessment?

At this point in time, you must be considered Category 1: “Literally Homeless” to complete Coordinated Entry.

  •  YES: If you are currently accessing emergency   shelter or safe haven, are on the streets, in a  car, or camping you are eligible to complete  Coordinated Entry.
  • NO: If you are currently housed, living in a boarding home, paying for a hotel, or staying with friends and/or family you are not currently eligible to complete Coordinated Entry. 

What should i expect from the process:

  • Coordinated Entry staff will create client profiles for you and each of your household members and you will complete a short housing survey to help understand your circumstances and needs. (The staff will then inform you of the intervention determined by the assessment.)
  • It is possible that you will not be referred to any programs, or the programs you are referred to may be unable to serve you at this time.
  • This is NOT a housing wait-list or a housing application.
  • Even if you are eligible for programming, this is NOT a guarantee of housing or financial assistance.

Where can I be assessed?

  • If a specific housing program is found to be the best intervention for your household, your need will be made visible to all the providers of that programming. If and when one of these providers has availability that matches your specific need, they will contact you directly to move forward with programming. There is no fixed timeline for when you will be contacted for programming. Coordinated Entry is designed to prioritize the most vulnerable individuals.
  • It is possible your household will currently be ineligible for all programming. Whether eligible or ineligible for programming through Coordinated Entry, staff will provide you with a list of external housing resources.
  • Coordinated Entry is just the first step in your housing search. Whether you are working with a Case Manager or searching on your own, continue developing a housing plan and trying to access external resources.
  • If your contact information changes, please get in touch with any of the above agencies. If we can’t find you, we can’t help house you.

What happens after I complete the assessment?